Brez Technology Inc. provides embedded Linux consulting, sharing the knowledge of the various topics. We render assistance in the most specific issues connected with embedded Linux software design and development process. Our consultants give complete guidance on embedded software architecture, project development time, maintainability improvements, relations between all software components.

Embedded Linux software consulting requires proficiency in its basic system structure and functioning. Consultants give comprehensive answer how to apply easily configurable solutions and do everything possible to support a client's product development strategy. We can recommend you the most beneficial scheme for your project realization basing on our best practices. You can adopt the most successful designs, patterns and cases from the experience accumulated by our experts. Our consultancy services are a good way to choose the right method for software implementation.

We concentrate our attention on all system parts: filesystems, kernel components, boot loaders, device drivers, etc. Our consultations also include the following segments: Linux kernel porting, U-Boot modifications, applications development, memory management, frameworks, processors, and many more.

You can ask us about every detail related to embedded Linux in your future product.

Brez Technology

Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
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