If you need next-generation embedded software for your device, contact our team who are true professionals in development of functionally advanced embedded applications. We can create a product of any size and complexity, we test every component, including memory, operation speed and security, to deliver impressive final result.

We offer embedded Linux software development services for your business to occupy the right niche in the market. We develop Linux-based models with increased performance capabilities and excellent maintainability. The reliability rate of our embedded software solutions is high and you can take advantage of it! Our software has a mix of customization tools intended for a client's convenience. The programmers understand the needs of embedded systems and peculiarities of managing their running processes. Embedded software development services by Brez Technology Inc. are the best platform for innovative devices.

Linux has open-source structure and it gives more opportunities for development and customization of software, making it more modern. It helps to build tailor-made products for various processors. Due to its infrastructure, embedded Linux architecture becomes an easy and well-functioning mechanism. We develop projects on the ground of open-source Linux for embedded systems which can be applied to a number of devices and platforms and offer consultations on this field. Linux toolchain and environment make it possible to engineer perfect solutions, transforming open-source embedded Linux system into a full-fledged instrument.

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Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
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