We always put quality to the first place. Our mission is to bring high-quality products with excellent characteristics, long-term durability and exclusive ruggedness. Our projects are aimed at satisfying the requirements of modern electronics market which our clients are interested in. We also set the goal to deliver helpful consulting services, acting integrally, promptly and efficiently when a client needs our advice during crucial moment of his business performance. Our electronic engineering consultants can advise on wireless technology, embedded Linux software,etc.

We are focused around the development of high-grade products and provision of effective services. As the market continues to change, we innovate everything we do but always keep to our main priorities in work with our clients: trust, reliability, responsibility and openness.

Brez Technology

Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
253 Rivermill Crescent, Maple L6A 0G8 Ontario Canada
Phone: 14168185563