Consulting services
Our consultants are great experts with extensive expertise and are always at hand for help. We work closely with our clients, advising in those situations when they need expert commentary and urgent assistance. Our engineers are capable of embedded software issues and can provide superior service for clients who face difficulties in embedded software management. Linux-based embedded software can be found in any telecommunication or industrial electronics, and sometimes it requires special integration, reengineering and quality control. Within our team you can get in touch with the experts who are perfect at designing, testing and consulting on embedded systems solutions based on Linux. If you seek for great Linux kernel consulting or want to know more about embedded Linux driver development, our Linux consultancy is available for you.

We are also a group of consultants who can provide help in questions connected with wireless systems. We offer wireless consulting services including deep analysis of all system parts. We have solid knowledge of Bluetooth and WiFi technologies and products and are always ready to come to assistance when it is necessary. We can handle any task we are entrusted with. Whether you have Bluetooth application in your device, or WiFi technology, it is not a problem for us to advise the best way for your products to achieve the market successfully.

Brez Technology

Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
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