Get your own device based on wireless technology. We apply the best technologies to create wireless devices with efficient power amplifiers, sensitive receivers, specially designed network hardware, etc.

We help our clients to achieve commercial objectives successfully using wireless devices developed by us. Our wireless product development includes WiFi and Bluetooth devices, embedded wireless modules, wireless equipment for any area of application. We guarantee accuracy and compliance of our products and ensure considerable data transmission capacity.

Wireless design and development inspire us to implement the most challenging projects. Bluetooth product development is also within the scope of our activity. Bluetooth devices made by us include the technology enabling high-speed communication and operation at low power. Our specialists use their specific expertise to create custom-tailored qualified Bluetooth products.

Our specialization embraces the Internet of Things (IoT) as well. IoT operations, driven by wireless technology, is the synergy of elements which maintain all the processes involved in networked devices functioning. We develop wireless Internet of Things solutions inclusive of applications for smart devices connected performance. We have our own strategy of implementing wireless features into IoT systems, deploying complete infrastructure. Connected devices are a single organization joined by common data and it should consistently carry out actions that result in continuous up and running. Our team of IoT technology gurus designs rugged and well-established structure allowing devices to work synchronously by means of wireless network.

Brez Technology

Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
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