Wireless consulting services are provided by our company to assist our clients with wireless communication. We understand our clients who want to implement custom designs and always give a helping hand to them to determine further steps and reach the desired goals.

We work with two directions: Bluetooth and WiFi technology. Bluetooth consulting is what every manufacturer needs before a device production. Partnership with us allows you to prevent risks and get more information about Bluetooth-enabled devices. We provide consultations on devices of all classes, advising how to create a device for transmitting signals with high quality and low power. We enthusiastically help with Bluetooth v4.2 and older versions for you to control every issue and build a worthy product.

WiFi technology has a wide spectrum of important components which need to be discussed. Working with our company, you get professional WiFi consulting and better understanding of WLAN products design. Our specialists are knowledgeable enough to provide valuable recommendations on WiFi standards and networks and prepare your product for good connectivity. Create secure and powerful WLAN devices with reliable support from Brez Technology Inc.

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Product designing on linux and embedded linux consulting.
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